Chucktown Squash's mission is to provide academic guidance, athletic training, community service opportunities, and mentors, via an afternoon, weekend, and summertime program that serves as a springboard, preparing low-resource kids for wide-reaching success in the classroom, on the squash court, and in life. 



Chucktown Squash is a trusted enrichment partner for two Title 1, at-risk schools in Charleston, South Carolina. Chucktown Squash promotes academic success, healthy lifestyles, social and emotional development, reduced grade retention, and increased graduation rates through after school, weekend, and summertime programming. 


Just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days dedicated towards holiday shopping -- Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated towards charitable giving.

Tuesday, December 2nd is a global day of giving that inspires community members to take action and support their local charities. Giving Tuesday reminds us that the true spirit of the holiday season is making the world a better place for all

The most meaningful gift we can give is a better future for our youth.